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Han's Klaffl

A kind of best-of
Han's Klaffl, a passionate (music) teacher, gets to the bottom of the widespread clichés about the guild of educators in no fewer than four cabaret solo programs about teachers, students and parents. He ruthlessly reveals what really happens behind the closed doors of the teachers' room. He delves into the complicated psyche of teachers, gives valuable tips for organizing parent-teacher consultations and lets you in on the secrets of stress-free teaching. The "state cabaret artist for life" also vividly presents the incredible survival strategies that students have developed over the centuries, thus providing unprecedented, deep insights into the last unexplored biotope of our society: the school.
Look forward to seeing Gütlich, Gregorius and Grantinger the janitor again! You can look forward to a double lesson of frontal teaching with piano and contrabass, after which no questions are guaranteed to remain unanswered!

Where does the event happen? Kulturzentrum Trudering
Wasserburger Landstr. 32
81825 München

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