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Sigi Zimmerschied

Doppler Life - A Forger Saga
Hans Doppler is the last scion of a dynasty of forgers whose roots go back to the eighteenth century.
In 1733, Giovanni Doppio, a Venetian barber, used a customer who had died in a shaving accident, a sheet and a damp cellar to forge the shroud of Christ, which became a world-famous relic as the Shroud of Turin.
Hans Doppler, however, is in a crisis. While his grandfather contributed to the greatness of the Federal Republic of Germany with forged denazification papers and his father cleaned up the CVs of Bavarian politicians, he now only sells forged vaccination certificates and positive social prognoses for serial offenders. But the sting is even deeper. Hans Doppler has fatally fallen in love with a highly moral and irony-free climate activist.
And just as serial killers like to donate to animal welfare, the devil sometimes thinks wistfully of his time as an archangel and every dictator stuffs his favourite mare, the perpetual liar has recently been increasingly overcome by a professionally damaging longing for truthfulness. And isn't it time he thought about his pension, gave up his freelance status and put his skills at the disposal of public institutions? Should he accept the offer from the Federal Press Office?
WSB A16. Reality clerk in the higher civil service.
His tip to fake a gas emergency in order to double prices and levy a surcharge was well received by politicians and business. Will Hans Doppler succumb to the truth, will his scruples unseal him or will he regain his courage to face life and continue to enrich the world with deliciously war-mongering lies, light-footed panic-inducing fake news, stylishly hip Instagram stunts and stylishly suicide-inducing horror scenarios? Or does it possibly not exist at all?
Possibly a cabaret, probably by Sigi Zimmerschied.

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