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Anne Folger

Footnotes are not reflex zones

Some comments are not to be found in the text. The small print behind the compliment, the euphoric headline with an ironic aftertaste. Anne's perspectives are unconventional and come across as light-footed but profound. With wit and irony, she sings in Rosamunde Pilcher style against large corporations, about the happiness of flying when your feet are firmly on the ground, vividly parodies Beethoven's Götterfunken under lockdown and wine spirit conditions, has Doremi , the influencer of her debut programme "Selbstläufer", explain in the new tutorial which intervals are suitable for fasting and why the tritone is not a nut. She impresses with her musical skills. When "Paint it Black" by the Rolling Stones sounds like Shostakovich and Brahms or the runs of "Flying Robert" chase across the keyboard, she takes her concert exam out of her pocket and amazes the cabaret audience. Because: Mrs Folger practised the piano a lot! In the Beethovenhaus Schloß Belvedere Weimar, lower corridor, second door on the left; in smoky GDR club discos; in Goethe's house under the portrait of Italy; or in the former People's Police Hospital with its torture cellar. Here you can expect an evening of stories, beautifully arranged songs and a lot of humour. The press then writes: "Unmistakable and captivating", "With zeitgeist and revealing appeal", "Audience laughed tears". The artist wouldn't write that about herself, but she thinks it's very good.

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