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Christian Springer

no matter!

Out there there are things that matter. And he talks about them. In the best case scenario, with a mixture of subtlety and malice. And when it becomes is no longer bearable, the linguistic club has to be used. He likes to interfere me into what is happening. When someone writes: "What Christian Springer understands by cabaret goes miles beyond the spoken word. the spoken word. Because he himself is in the thick of the action and is regarded as the most committed German cabaret artist." Then he reads that gladly. But no one has ever written it like that before? No matter? What difference does it make?
He started his stage career as a young singer in the children's choir of the Munich Opera. Since then he has known that he will have an enormous advantage over most people on this earth. Because they have no opera, not even a choir. Mostly not at all. And that is far too often doesn't matter. It doesn't. Not to him. That's also what the current programme. And when he grows up, he'll become an influencer.

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