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Das Einhorn Adelmar

No creature is as beautiful as the unicorn Adelmar. No one has ever really seen it, or shall we say, only very few have had the honour of laying eyes on it. According to the story, he has appeared again for the first time in a long time. Its fur is as white as the soft foam of a clear spring. Its mane blows like fine music in the wind. It stands there, in a clearing in the forest, for anyone who wants to discover it. With his eyes, Adelmar the unicorn has seen the stories of the world and can tell them. Many a person has set off in search of this wondrous creature. Sebastian, Fabian and Mirijam also heard about the unicorn. Their greatest wish is to see the unicorn Adelmar with their own eyes, so they set off to find it in the great forest.
For all young and old "unicorn discoverers" aged 3 and over, with drama, dance and live music.

The advance sale is over. You can come to the box office and still ask for tickets there. The box office is open from one hour before the start of the event.

Where does the event happen? Kulturzentrum Trudering
Wasserburger Landstr. 32
81825 München

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