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Ruinenschleicher und Schachterleis

Houses destroyed by bombs; US soldiers giving Coca-Cola and chewing gum; speechlessness in the face of the National Socialist past and hope for a new beginning: the post-war years in Munich had many facets. What shaped the everyday lives and aspirations of children and young adults? What influence did the presence of American soldiers and their music have on the people in our city?
The documentary film "Ruinenschleicher und Schachterleis" by Michael von Ferrari, Angelika Wimbauer and Lutz Eigel (München-Zeitreisen) draws a portrait of the (young) post-war generation in Munich. A montage of interviews, photos and film clips creates an authentic picture of this era. A slide show of 100 pictures of Trudering in the 1950s, selected by Peter Wagner (Truderinger Kulturkreis), will offer an introduction into the film and its era. Before and after the presentation, Michael von Ferrari will give an introduction to the film and host a Q&A-session.
A film by Michael von Ferrari, Angelika Wimbauer and Lutz Eigel (München-Zeitreisen)

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