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Franziska Wanninger

For me it shall hail red roses

Franziska Wanninger's new cabaret solo programme is a whimsical homage to lightness. But how often are joy and the abyss closer than you think! You think "Oh wonder!" what life has in store for you, and in the end it's just another vegan roast pork. So an onion and a sprig of parsley. Oh my. "C'est la vie" or "Tel Aviv" as the Lower Bavarians say.
The full-blooded actress tells rousing tales of youth at boarding school, false resolutions and dating in the age of video calls. But the latter can at least be switched off as soon as the guy thinks Goethe's Faust is a boxer's newspaper.
Along the way, she makes a witty analysis of life in minimalist design cube houses or the cordiality of the associated front garden stone deserts. Wanninger looks people in the mouth, sings about the shallows of life, and manages, as always, to create entire worlds with just a few character strokes, full of verve and punchlines. She humorously shows that happiness does not begin with a lawn robot, but certainly ends with spelt crackers.
Her fourth solo programme once again features many delightfully satirical characters who get right to the point. In the blink of an eye, she transforms from a naïve, business-minded influencer to a beer-swilling, puffed-up regular, always on the lookout for the turgid, beautiful life. After all, "many stupider people have already managed that!

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