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The blue bird

The Blue Bird

Maurice Maeterlinck: "We lack not happiness itself, but the capacity to be happy."
In Maurice Maeterlinck's play, the bluebird is symbolic of happiness. Only if you believe in him will he give you joy. The heroes of the play, who go in search of the Bluebird, find happiness. But they do not find it in the Bluebird, but in themselves and in their perception of the world. From the very beginning, the heroes perceive something unusual, wonderful and truly beautiful in the simplest things. So, as the fairy Berilyun says, "You have to be brave to see the invisible."
Happiness is like the bluebird: hard to find but easy to lose. In the Palace of Night, the heroes find blue birds, but they turn out to be fake. The Spirit of Light says to Tyltil, "You have not yet caught this one true blue bird that would stand the light of day." In this story, the real blue bird appears and brings happiness to the heroes once they are ready to see it, accept it and change.
The play is realised by Malbatross Studios. It is a place where the personality of each participant is central, where strengths are strengthened and where everyone is self-confident and in harmony with themselves. People from small to large participate in the play. Intercultural encounters, intergenerational learning and creative exchange take place here. Theatre, dance, art and music are combined into a loving whole.
Search for your happiness and you will find it! Cherish every moment, because it may never come again.

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