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Martin Zingsheim

but please with without.

Nowadays, renunciation is the true luxury. Real part-time ascetics actually do without everything: meat, lactose, religion and, above all, their own opinion. Just let go. Martin Zingsheim has also let go. One man. One microphone. No pyrotechnics. Because everything you have has you at some point. And relevance needs no props. When affluent societies practice renunciation, life is full of contradictions. Many people only go on two-day long-distance trips in fair-trade eco-clothes and transport water in plastic bottles by electric bike. Martin finds a whole lot of madness in "but please with none" that one could do without immediately: Customer reviews, terrorism experts, animal lovers, hobby psychologists, online petitions and gluten-free spray cream. There is only one thing you should never do without: going to the theatre!
Martin Zingsheim, award-winning comedian from Cologne, presents his constantly updated successful programme, in which he knows how to combine linguistically brilliant comedy and fast-paced gags with critical depth of field like no other. Zingsheim is like philosophy, only with jokes instead of footnotes. That also makes it much funnier.

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