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Django Asül

Open Sight

No sooner is the visor open than Django Asül suddenly has a completely different view of things. Out of the filter bubble, into the wide angle. And above all: out into the wide world. Django Asül travels from Marseille to Malta to the Middle East. And already there is a hail of insights into the most pressing questions:
Why is Malta the ideal EU country? Is climate change a danger or rather the solution to whatever? Or does it apply more to digitalisation?
And: Is the individual in society really replaceable or rather appalling? For with an open visor, one sees not so much oneself, but all the more others and others. Quite against the trend, Django Asül ignores self-optimisation and focuses on optimising others. In the process, he learns above all understanding and comprehension and thus becomes a mediator between the fronts. How does it all work?
Quite simple: Django pays himself a basic income. And is thus far ahead of his time. This programme is therefore a must for all those who have the foresight to look both inwards and outwards.

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