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Lesung Axel Hacke

Axel Hacke reads and tells.
Axel Hacke's readings are unique, no two evenings are the same. No one sits behind a table with a water glass and a lamp and reads from his new book, as is usually the case, no, Hacke sits on a chair, talks about life, tells about his work and has everything he has written in his life with him, well, a lot of it - and that is a lot: Thousands of copies of his legendary columns from the magazine of the Süddeutsche Zeitung, including the most recent ones of the past few months, plus a stack of books, the equally funny as dreamy and spacy language playbook "Im Bann des Eichelhechts und andere Geschichten aus Sprachland" (Under the Spell of the Acorn Pike and Other Stories from Language Land), for example, and of course the very latest: "Ein Haus für viele Sommer" (A House for Many Summers), stories from the life of a man who, for fifty years, has spent all his vacations with his family in an old and very mysterious tower in an Italian village.
So every evening (if it goes well, and most of the time it does go well) - a new little work of reading art is created, in which the traditional divisions of serious and entertaining mean nothing, because in such an evening everything is there, the cheerful, the philosophical and the uproariously funny. It's just that you never really know beforehand: what?

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