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Helmut Schleich

**Helmut Schleich - Buy, you pig!

Yes, exactly. You have heard correctly. You are supposed to buy. And if you don't buy anything, you're out! Because: Who is not liquid, is superfluous. And superfluous people have no place in the paradise of the brave new world of goods. They only pollute the consumer climate. But you
should not only buy. But also to be sold. Namely for stupid. Because goods and truths are easier to sell to the people if no one looks too closely ...
On every corner there's a maul hero touting the latest idea for the future: whether it's Europe, digitization, 3D printers or artificial intelligence - everywhere there are prospects that aren't prospects at all. Or at least only for those sitting on the sun deck of globalization. That goes against the grain for Helmut Schleich. And that's why in his program "Kauf, Du Sau!" (Buy, You Pig!), the Munich cabaret artist gets to grips with a society narcotized by the shopping frenzy with his pointed malice - until the consumer bubble bursts!

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