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Werner Meier

**Meier's selection

Cheeky mouth and groovy guitar, these are Werner Meier's trademarks. Timeless, clever and unerring, the master of witty humour packs big themes into small everyday stories with amazing punchlines, combining seriousness with good entertainment in his easy-going way.
In his new programme, Meier interweaves new songs from his pointed pen with a selection from recent years: The farmer loves his AI farmer who, with her artificial intelligence, completely controls the milking parlour, the fridge and soon him too; the power of love does not even stop at the priest. And for the lazy and the threaded, he has an amazing tip from his 'Fitness Centre Garden'. In addition, Werner Meier presents a very special selection this evening, as he reads from his new book: 7 Küah - 8 Kinder - 40 Knödl - 1 Kanapee. Delightfully Bavarian and silly stories from his peasant boy childhood. They come across without any false sentimentality, sometimes mischievous and sometimes profound, sometimes with a strong linguistic wit and sometimes poetically quiet. They take you on a journey through time to a Bavarian farm in the sixties between cow dung, zinc bathtubs and the visit of a Japanese bishop. All in all, a typical Meierabend, with its ingenious mixture of laughter and thoughtfulness, of humour and profundity.
This could be a cheerful evening!

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