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Helmfried von Lüttichau

Helmfried von Lüttichau

Somehow you saw him everywhere last year: on the First in "Reiterhof Wildenstein", on the Second in "Die Chefin", and on the Third a repeat of "Hubert und Staller". And what about "Der Beischläfer", "Pan Tau", "Der Boandlkramer und die ewige Liebe" and "Servus Baby"? Does this Helmfried von Lüttichau stick his nose into everything? He does, and with passion and verve, and now also with his own solo programme: "plugged". This is not just something for "Hubert und Staller" fans. In his stage programme, you get to know the well-known actor in very different facets - personally, sympathetically, genuinely.
About the programme: "He is the best clumsy person I know," says Christian Tramitz about his series partner Helmfried von Lüttichau, the Staller in "Hubert und Staller". "His father always said he had two left hands. Nevertheless, he became something. Poet? Actor. He copied everything. The clumsiness from Valentin, the poetry from Gernhardt, the electric guitar from Keith Richards. Harald Schmidt once said he always wanted to come out somewhere and say: Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Even as a child. "I never wanted that! I always wanted to come out somewhere and say: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! I always wanted to be a rock musician! The only thing that was stupid was that I could only play the violin. And not even well!"
Nothing worked out. Everything was different than he wanted. That's why he now stands on stage and tells why he didn't become a rock star. But "plugged", of course. With electric guitar, with Valentin, with Gernhardt - and everything else he can think of.

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