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Quadro Nuevo


The Mediterranean lightness of being has undoubtedly always been formative for Quadro Nuevo's instrumental art:
Italian tangos, French valse, Aegean myth melodies, daring driving songs along a sunlit coastal road, Oriental grooves, Brazilian flavor and Neapolitan ragamuffins.
They all serve as a pleasurable barque for lustily improvised adventure trips.
Quadro Nuevo got the ideas and inspiration for this on extensive travels. Musical jewels picked up in the squares and on the shores of the south.
The spirited full-blooded musicians have been touring the countries of this world since 1996 and have given about 3500 concerts so far. They carried their songs from Upper Bavaria to Bari, across the Balkans through the Near East to Cairo, from Buenos Aires to Hong Kong.
The places of performance are as diverse as the roots of their music:
The ensemble is not only a guest at festivals and renowned concert halls such as New York's Carnegie Hall.
The virtuosos, addicted to playing, also travel through the Mediterranean south as street musicians and call for dances as a nocturnal tango band.

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