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Fanny und Felix Mendelssohn

The musical Mendelssohn siblings.

Who knows her: Fanny Hensel, 19th century composer and pianist? And Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy? Oh yes, Felix is famous: a leading musician of the early Romantic period who enjoyed success as a composer, pianist, organist and conductor in Berlin, Düsseldorf, London, Frankfurt and Leipzig. But Fanny?
Cornelia Bernoulli takes the 175th anniversary of the deaths of the two siblings Fanny and Felix, who died in 1847, as an opportunity to bring the musically highly gifted woman out of the shadow of her well-known younger brother. In her program, she brings the life and piano compositions of Fanny Hensel to the fore. Fanny Hensel (1805 - 1847) composed more than 460 works. Together with her acting colleague Klaus Haderer, the theater woman presents excerpts from original letters that the siblings, who were closely connected throughout their lives, wrote to each other on their birthdays. The distinctive musical part of this homage is taken over by the pianist Brigitte Helbig with piano compositions by Fanny and Felix.

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