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Astrid Lindgren Weihnachtsgeschichte

Christmas with Pippi, Michel and the others.

One day during the Christmas vacations, something strange happens in the small town. Someone has nailed a big poster to the door of the town hall and it says: "Pippi Longstocking wants to raid the Christmas tree tonight at Villa Kunterbunt! All the children in town are invited!"
Not far away, in Lönneberga, the Svensson family is preparing for Christmas. On the Katthult farm, they are baking and preserving that it is a joy. And because the poorest in the poorhouse should also have a merry Christmas, Michel brings them meat jelly and gingerbread, saffron stollen and snuff. It could be wonderful, if the devious Maduskan didn't want to have everything for herself...
Meanwhile, in Bullerbü, the excitement is growing by the minute, it's almost unbearable, because it won't be long now until the presents ...
How good the cookies taste in Bullerbü, how the poor in Lönneberga get their presents after all, how funny the Christmas tree looting party at Pippi's becomes: The well-known and popular actor Stefan Wilkening tells the story with his wonderfully sonorous voice, accompanied by the gifted accordionist Maria Reiter on the accordion.

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