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Sternschnuppe Winterlieder

Winter songs

The pre-Christmas family concert Sternschnuppe songs have long been an integral part of children's and living rooms. Now the well-known children's songwriters Margit Sarholz and Werner Meier invite you again to a cozy winter song concert for the whole family. With their fluffy, relaxed mixture of quietly mischievous songs and light-hearted stories, they will enchant parents and children alike in no time at all and take everyone on an atmospheric and humorous journey into the Sternschnuppe winter Christmas world. Everyone sings loudly "Out of the way!" while sledding and claps their hands warmly again during the "Schneemobaun-Zwiefachen", runs together "Barfuaß im Schnee" (barefoot in the snow), dances across the ice with Willi the snowmobile in the winter full moon night and flies with the canapé up to Eski-Mo and Eski-Frau. Mmm, it suddenly smells like granny's baked apples and already a bit like Christmas. But before that, Santa Claus is coming! I wonder what he has in his golden book! "But Santa Claus, you know for sure how black the Oiwei-Bravsei is! "

For children from 4 years.

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