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Jeanne D'azz

Jeanne D'azz is a quartet from Munich, Germany, founded in 2019. The four musicians write original compositions inspired by jazz, Latin American music, pop, blues and gypsy swing. Their sound is convincing not only because of their instrumentation of double bass, saxophone, guitar and polyphonic vocals, but also because of the recognizable influences of the two cultures Argentina and Germany.
Inspired by Jazz, Blues, Gypsy Swing, Contemporary and Latin music, the four musicians of Jeanne d'azz create an extraordinary sound through their instrumentation of guitar, double bass, saxophone and vocals. Whether polyphonic harmonies, percussive elements or solos of the three instrumentalists - the program of mainly self-composed music is very versatile. It convinces not only by the recognizable influences of the two different cultures (Argentina and Germany), but also by their charisma, joy of playing and spontaneity.

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