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Gipsy Guitar Trio

The formation "Gypsy Guitar Trio" is dedicated to the music of Django Reinhardt as a fusion of European and American jazz music with elements of South American music such as Bossa Nova, Samba.
The trio consists of Joe Bawelino, guitar legend in European jazz and swing, David Schwenold on rhythm and solo guitar and Spanish
double bassist Manuel Diaz Fernandez.
Joe Bawelino is undisputedly one of the best jazz guitarists in Europe. More than 50 years of stage experience have brought him together with the greats of jazz. Among his personal friends are Birelli Lagrene, Babick Reinhard (son of the legendary Django Reinhardt) and Joe Pass, whose influence is unmistakable. His phrasing and improvisations are inimitable. They are characterized by strong feeling as well as passion and wit. The audience is literally swept off their feet.
The band convinces with gripping rhythm, soloistic finesse and the flair of European swing.

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